Partnering With The National Child Identification Program

Above and beyond the benefits of providing Child ID Kits directly to customers, potential customers, employees, school districts, law enforcement agencies, military installations and churches, the National Child Identification Program offers corporate America valuable marketing benefits through various venues.  In recent years, corporations have utilized the National Child ID program in a public, governmental and consumer relations effort.  Corporate America can gain access to NFL or NCAA stadiums and market directly to fans by sponsoring an ID Kit distribution.  A few of the program’s corporate sponsors include; American Airlines, Ford, GM, Kroger Food Stores and the UAW.


Benefits to Corporations

  • Sponsor Company may be part of a Congressional/Senate Resolution
  • Company sponsored distribution of Child ID Kits
  • Customization of the ID Kit envelope
  • Add custom inserts into the ID Kit envelope
  • Sports memorabilia provided by the Child ID Program for raffles and auctions
  • Sponsor specific football stadiums-ID Kit distribution in the NFL and College stadiums
  • Utilization of high profile coaches or athletes on Public Service Announcements

The goal of the National Child ID Program is not only to ensure our kids are protected, but to entice the participation of corporate America.  A National partnership with the National Child Identification Program is unlimited and will be designed to fit the needs and objectives of each sponsor.

Personalize Your ID Kits

With thousands of orders from banks,credit unions, schools, law enforcement agencies, Rotary clubs and other civic organizations, it is impossible to custom print the ID Kit envelope for each sponsor.  The following options are available for those who wish to customize the ID Kit envelope, as well as, alternative methods to personalize your ID Kits.

Custom imprinting of envelope

Options are available for customization on bulk orders of 5,000 or more ID Kits.  Please call (972) 934-2211 to discuss imprinting options and pricing.  Ask for Mark.

Labels and or stickers

Many organizations and sponsors have found it quick and economical to apply a personalized label to each envelope, identifying the local agency or sponsors as the provider of the ID Kit. (Note: These labels may be provided by your local printer.)

Envelope inserts

Many organizations wish to provide outreach or community service materials along with the ID Kit.  Sponsors may likewise wish to include promotional materials.  Such materials may be handed out separately with the kits, or (at minimum order of 5,000) the envelopes may include an insert provided to the Child ID Program by the partner organization for insertion.  There is an additional cost.