Norcross, Fitzpatrick Introduce Bipartisan Child Safety Legislation | March 12, 2021
“As a former FBI agent, I know first-hand that when a child goes missing, every single second counts in the search to bring them home,” said Congressman Fitzpatrick. “Having the necessary DNA samples ready on standby enables our law enforcement to spend their invaluable time tracking down a child’s location, not their fingerprints. I am proud to introduce this bipartisan legislation with Congressman Norcross to provide the millions of parents, guardians, and law enforcement across the nation the necessary tools they need to protect our children.”


Attorney General Moody Launches Florida Kindergarten Child ID Program | December 9, 2022
 “There is no such thing as being overprepared when it comes to the safety and wellbeing of our children. With a child going missing every 40 seconds in America, we must all be ready for worst-case scenarios. God willing, law enforcement will never need to see your Child ID Kit, but the National Child Identification Program allows families to be proactive with their at-home kit in case of an emergency.” – Al Nienhuis – Florida Sheriffs Association President and Hernando County Sheriff 


“The NFL Alumni Association and the Child ID Program are providing an invaluable resource for families and investigative entities that are faced with the unthinkable, the loss of a child. Having a Child ID Kit is like having an insurance policy. It is something that every parent should have but you pray that you will never need. It is not going to stop something bad from happening, but it can have an impact on the outcome if it does. It can help to bring at least some resolution to a family during the worst time of their lives.” – Mitchell Davis, Chief of Police, Hazel Crest Police Department, Illinois


“If parents can provide a readily available child ID, upon determining that this is a possible abduction situation, it will enable law enforcement to have critical information necessary for their investigation,” said West Des Moines Police Chief Chris Scott.


AG, Sheriffs, and football hall of famers launch Child ID Program | October 31, 2022
“This is a gift of safety for Louisiana parents. It does not enter a database; rather, it allows parents to store their children’s vital information in the security of their own homes,” explained LSA President and Franklin Parish Sheriff Kevin Cobb.

Child ID Kits Distributed Throughout Bossier Parish | January 20, 2023
“The safety of children in Bossier Parish is paramount, these ID kits are another way that
the Bossier Sheriff’ Office can help keep them safe and give parents peace of mind”, said
Sheriff Whittington.

Sid Gautreaux, Sheriff, East Baton Rouge, Louisiana | October 25, 2022
We want any tools that can help us locate a child safely…all the information we need to pursue a case is right then and there and all we have to say is sir or ma’am do you have a kit?… This kit gives us everything we need to start that investigation…” said Sheriff Sid Gautreaux. “I’m excited for the opportunity to better equip parents to keep their kids safe,” said Gautreaux. 

South Carolina: 

SC attorney general and others help kickoff South Carolina Child ID program | April 19, 2023
Orangeburg County Sheriff Leroy Ravenell, President of the South Carolina Sheriffs Association, said, “This kit takes less than two minutes to complete and will contain a vast majority of the components we need to reunite a missing child with their family.”


Child Identification Kits Will Help Law Enforcement Find Lost Children | March 3, 2022
“MANTI— In the unlikely event your child suddenly goes missing, the Sheriff’s Department wants every parent to prepare a child identification kit (ID) to make it faster and easier for law enforcement to identify your child.” 

Iron County Sheriff’s Office provides child ID kits for families | May 17, 2022
Iron County Sheriff’s Office said the following in a social media post, “The information is in one place and that can bring peace of mind during an already stressful situation. These packets are so valuable to law enforcement and search and rescue. You can pick up the ID kit at the Sheriff’s Office window.”


“I want to thank you for providing these kits to the children across the Commonwealth. These kits are going to enhance our program, not just in Hanover County, but across the Commonwealth… For those that don’t have an ID program, this is going to give them one. For those like us that have an ID program, it is going to enhance our program. I promise you we will find innovative ways to get this out to the parents,” Sheriff David Hines said to Attorney General Jason Miyares on May 9th at a press conference at Chickahominy Middle School.

National Child ID kits given out to Virginia middle schoolers | May 10, 2023
Newport News Police Chief Steve Drew told News 3, “It’s not uncommon for families to only have a small photo or an outdated one. This speeds everything up, and speed and time affects everything,”